Living in the Red – Monday 3/30/20

Sometimes in our jobs, careers, businesses or ever schooling we are doing very well, seeing things in production rise, finances rise, great grades in school, our lives start to change as things grow. It’s awesome when it happens but the danger is not keeping yourself humble and in the right standing of the entire situation. We start to get a little bigger ego and end up worshiping our abilities, talents and leadership.

I have been there a few times in my life and I have to tell you EVERY TIME it all came crashing down on me and I had to start over.

Jesus said in Matt 4:10 —

“Get out of here Satan, for the Scriptures say:”…….. “You must worship the Lord your God and Serve Him only”

I want to encourage you in this — first of all keep your eyes on the right thing and never forget it is the enemy that wants to trip you up and take you down. YOU WILL NEVER LOSE if you Worship and Serve Him ONLY!!!!

Be the best you can be, drive hard to attain your goals, be successful and make a mark in this world. Keep your eyes on the Lord and your heart always for Him and watch what happens.

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