Living in the Red

I’ve been in different types of businesses over the years. I have signed up for so many different multi-marketing get rich and live the life companies over the years. I have never made a dime doing it but I have personally met MANY people who have and are very successful. It has always been the reason I was drawn to it.

For the most part it always sounded like easy work and get rich…. they have it all mapped out so all you have to do is sign up and pay your money and BAM you are on the road to riches. One thing most and I want to emphasize the word MOST incorporate God into the equation. Honor God and he will help you be all you can be in this business!! They make Him part of the “values” in the business.

On the surface this is a good concept, God does bless those who honor him. But what happens people end up using God to help them get what they want, I really don’t think that it’s that way on purpose for many they just don’t know any better. When the business fails, God is left behind in their lives for the most part.

What is missing is the “relationship” with God, if you do not KNOW Him there is NO WAY POSSIBLE to have a relationship with Him. And that is where the problem becomes an issue.

Here is the Word (in red) that I think of when I see this taking place…

“You must not test the Lord your God” Matt. 4:7

Some people have the natural talent and gifts to be a strong leader in sales, management or recruiting people into a business, other’s do not but can develop it. The first thing in life, business, family, school or anything we set ourselves to should always be a relationship with the Father God. Build your business with Him as the center or the rock on which it is built. Make it about Him not you, not your talent, not your $$$’s and the list goes on.

Like I said in my very first post — I believe that Christians (followers of Jesus, lovers of the Father) should stand out in the business world, should be the MOST successful in the business world.

Never test him, never try to use him to make it in this world. HE IS YOUR WORLD and everything else will be added.

Have a fantastic weekend and stay healthy

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