It’s almost a NEW YEAR


January 1st we started as a family “read through the bible in 1 year” 

It started out pretty strong in the family and we had one outside the family sign up because of Jenna, was pretty cool. My daughter Misty got into it and I believe she found God to be something more than she expected. I know Rico was hard into this.

I have tried hard to keep everyone motivated to finish this and at the same time I did not want to put any guilt on anyone at all. For me finishing this was much more than just “finishing it” but it was about committing to something and finishing at the goal line. It has been up and down for me, I fell behind a few times but always caught back up.

For me the exciting thing was the discussions we would all have online as questions were asked. Misty really made me dig a few times and I LOVED IT!!!

To those of you who are still reading YES YES YES and if you dropped out and picked it back up finish the last 2 weeks of December off and watch how the Lord blesses you! (of course we are not doing this to be blessed or anything else) JUST want you to KNOW Him in an intimate way, in a deep way. IF you don’t know Him there is NO way to love Him and allowing him to LOVE YOU!!!

It was fun guys and thank you for doing your part. I LOVE YOU!!!!

Comment below and give an idea of how you did and what it meant for you,

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