It is only a dream…. right?


The last few weeks I have been having some strange types of dreams. They are so real that when I do wake up I’m so thankful to realize it’s only a dream. But they are sticking with me. I have been asking the Father about them and trying to get some clarity to why I would be having these, or are they just dreams?

I am half awake and half asleep it seems like but I get into a panic and the strange thing is I know that feeling well from my past life. The difference being in life I was able to push those feelings and fears down and not think about them at all, I was able to function and keep up in my stupidity and sins with no remorse or feelings at all.

Here are a couple examples….

I had a dream that I was in a powerful position, a position of influence and I was leading people to kill other people. I do not know who or why but I was having them do it and then they would have to cover it up and cover for me. There was a man and a woman who killed someone for me or led them to be killed. (I never saw any of that in the dream) when they returned I directed them to go and take care of business so nobody would ever know it was them or I was involved at all. They refused – they said that they would not do that and that my cover is going to be blown. I was SO angry with them and I was full of FEAR and REMORSE wishing I never crossed this line, I knew there was no turning back and I knew it was over. The next scene an old friend of mine was coming at me in pure anger and wanted to kill me, he was so angry and crying, and deep distraught, coming to get me. I stood in front of him and said “it doesn’t really matter I’m going to hell anyways” I was telling him not to kill me and ruin his life and I was going to be taken care of by God on judgment day. Going to HELL. He just looked at me with tears running down his face, weeping very hard and then threw a bunch of keys at me!  – I was weeping and scared and then woke up. I was SO thankful it was a dream.

Last night I had this dream that I was in a hospital but it was a hotel, it had restaurants and stores to shop, clothing, shoes, jewelry etc…I was with my wife and we went into a shoe store, while she was looking around I found myself behind the counter putting on some new shoes and putting my old ones in the box and back in the shelf. We walked out and I kept looking at the new shoes hoping she would not notice them. We went into a jewelry store and I stole some bracelet’s and a couple rings, walking out hoping she would not notice the stuff. This went on all day and then we heading back to our room and there were lot’s of people waiting for us and there was 2 maids making our beds (not sure why they were there) as I’m walking in my heart is pounding, my wife is on to what’s happening and there was no turning back the hands of time. I did it and no way out. In the room there was some very important people (not sure who) all looking sad and some with tears as I walked in. I felt so dirty, I wanted to die, I wanted out of the situation. My wife was devastated and weeping. I was full of FEAR and REMORSE but it was too late. Then I woke up and realized I was dreaming, I seriously was so happy and thankful it was a dream. It felt so weird.

There have been a couple others too that I will not forget — the question is why? I am positive they are for me, I’m sure God is speaking to me but not sure why? My life is nothing like my past life, I have no secrets in my life these days. …..

If you have thoughts feel free to share them with me in the meantime I will keep seeking the Father and asking for clarification.

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