A New Season

new season

There is a deep stirring within my heart and spirit that is taking place right now, actually it has been a couple months now.

I am not really sure how to put into words yet – but I am feeling that the Father is calling me to total abandonment. Even saying that it makes me feel like I have not given everything to Him yet and that is not true, I have but I’m very comfortable and I have been living in this place for some time now.

It’s like I hear the Father saying go out strong, there is SO much more that you are missing out on. And it’s nothing to do with ministry, riches, jobs, family or anything else. It’s all about my connection to Him.

I am going to be traveling on this road not to make my life better, not to get my finances in better shape, not to advance in any type of ministry, not to preach, not to have a better marriage. BUT just to live in His presence in a new way.

All of my Christian life it’s been about ME – get closer to him so I CAN SHINE – so I can save face, blah blah blah — I am not sure how much sense this makes to you, but it’s the start of a journey for me. A new stirring in my heart, a new season in my life.

See what tomorrow holds.

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