What Should be my response to His Beauty?


The message at church yesterday really grabbed my heart – the message was “How do we respond to the beauty of Jesus?”

I have studied the idea of the beauty of Jesus over the years., I have read about it and listened to sermons preached on it, read and sat in on teachings on it. I love the idea of it and the truth of it, but I have to say I’ve never really thought to deep about my response to His Beauty. I guess I always just thought when I see His beauty it will be awesome!!!! But how do I know how to respond?

First of all the Bible shows us over and over again how people responded when they saw him  — Moses, Peter, John, all the disciples and many others when he rose from the grave. In each case their life was forever changed and the only response is unending worship, not know what else to do, never wanting it to end, some fell as dead men, but one thing in common was their lives were changed forever and ever!!! And each one made a difference in the world and the people around them.

Second, I have seen his beauty a thousand times in my life starting with the day I found him and he found me. Over the 35 years I’ve been walking with him I have seen it and experinced it over and over again. My response is and will be the same as all those before me, a lifestyle of worship as I stand in awe of Him and then going into the world and leading them to the beauty of Jesus through my life, worship and prayers.

The place work should be a different place because of Him, the people I interact with should be moved and affected by my very presence because of Him. Because of the message yesterday I am making a new commitment to prayer for my work place, a new commitment to love through the eyes of Jesus, a new commitment to be a servant to those who are above me and below me in the work place.

Watch and see what He can and will do.




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