The Rhythm of Daily Life


I was thinking this morning as I was waking up how life takes so many turns. For me I like to have a structure in my life, well to be honest in parts of my life. A few years ago I learned the hard way how I need to learn how to rest in the Lord and what it really means. (I am not going to write about what it means but I have a few blogs about it if you are interested check them out)

My day always begins the same, or that is my goal at least. I wake up and go straight into my office with a hot cup of coffee, get on my puter and open my Bible. I get some Word in and pray. My prayer is the same everyday for the most part… “Lord, I give you this day, I need you in all I do and say, I can’t make it without you Lord. I have tried and I failed miserably every time, not only hurting myself but all those around me and most of all YOU.

I really try to keep in the same Rhythm every day,  when i don’t I feel it and not only that it’s harder and harder to get back into as time goes by. What made me think of this was I just recovered from 3 days of a brutal flu bout. I just came off of 4 days of ONETHING that was amazing!! It touched me in so many ways but probably the area that stood out the most to me is ME!! All of my life I’ve done everything for me, how I look to others, what others think of me, trying to make myself more than I was. I am talking all area’s of my life even in the ministry. In so many ways I’ve made serving God about me and it broke me this year listening to the heart of the ONETHING conference.

So I decided to take a step back and become a friend of God’s – not based on how busy I can be or how many likes I get on a statement I make on FB or Twitter. But based solely on my relationship with him. I wanted to take a year of just lose myself in Him. I asked my family if they all wanted to read through the Bible in a year. I am putting down any other books, devotions, sermons for now just going back to the Word. So we are doing it. I was so excited to get going and January 1 I fell sick, I mean SICK and stayed in bed for 3 days. Before I even started I was out – then I thought well I will start Feb. 1st and go from there……by the end of the day I was convicted of that thought and decided to force myself to get back in a rhythm and go for it.

I guess the point of all of this is we all have things in our life that pushes us back, slows us down, changes our direction. I want to say don’t give up just PUSH THROUGH — have your tribe pray for you and hold you accountable.

I am really looking forward to what the Lord will do this year, I’m looking forward to a prayer life that is changed, worship that is deeper and a relationship with the Father is one I have never known before.






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