There is a River


A body of water can be a very dangerous place. I remember once, when I was about 9 or 10, that I nearly drowned in a river. Since 1850 over 5,000 bodies have been recovered from Niagara Falls. Some of those deaths were accidental, many were suicides, and a few were daredevils who tried to ride barrels, or other contraptions over the falls.  There are some bodies of water you want to avoid.

What if I told you that God possesses a body of water… a river that he wants you to…

Get in over your head……Give yourself over to the river…..To be swept away in its current… get to a place in this river where you are helpless…..

Ezekiel writes about this river – it’s a vision about absolute healing in the nation of Israel……

I want to tell you about a spiritual river that flows through this world right now. I want to tell you about a river that brings refreshment, power and glory right now. I want to tell you about a river you can swim in.

This sermon is about becoming more of what the Lord wants each of us to be…….it’s about….

Leaving the shore of stagnant, disappointed Christianity and wading into the deep spiritual waters of the born again life!

In the church today many have become far too cautious about giving their all to Jesus. Many are afraid of getting in over their heads.

I want to ENCOURAGE you to throw caution to the wind today!! I want to challenge you to wade out into the deep water, and to release yourself to the current of God’s will and power.


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