It is time……… to jump in


I moved here in October 2018, it was hectic, hard, expensive and a HUGE change all the way around. BUT WE DID IT!!!!

I started a new job and I have to say it’s been very difficult starting over in a new city and new state. I have no pipeline of clients, no friends to call upon etc… so it’s been very stressful and still not making enough money to survive. BUT GOD IS GOOD all the time and we sure rely on Him.

We started going to church at Forrunner Church a part of International House of Prayer and so far we have LOVED IT. When we first started we decided to just sit until the end of the year and that is exactly what we have done. It’s been nice and but I’m feeling stirred to get back into some ministry, not sure what or how yet but I do know I am ready.

I am really longing to preach but I really don’t see how that will take place at this time. But God can do whatever he wants however he wants. In the meantime I will do whatever he ask me to do and find contentment in it. I’m looking forward to what he has in store for us.

Have a very Merry Christmas!!!!!


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