He is a good good Father

Yesterday I came across this scripture that grabbed my heart. I have been sitting with it for over 24 hours now, dwelling, reading and meditating on it. The more I ready it and the more I ponder it a new excitement wells up inside me.

Right now I have some deep prayers happening within me and I need to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my Father is hearing my prayers!! I am starting in a brand new church with no ministry that I’m doing at this time. I am going to allow the Lord to do what ever it is he wants to do with me. At this time my ministry is to some of my own family. Adam and Rachael are finding a brand new part of spirituality they don’t have, Meghan and Rico are doing the same thing, and soon Noah and Tiff will be here and I’m praying that they find a new excitement in their walk with the Lord.

It’s funny but my wife Diane has always been the one that they would go to with spiritual things, she is deep and she is real and they all see it and know it. But the Lord is strengthening my time with him, changing my prayers, prayers that have depth, power and meaning when it comes to my kids.

So, this scripture once again has spoken to me about how GOOD our Father is — how much HE CARES and LOVES us – EVERYONE OF US!!! Not based on what we do or how good our walk is with him just because it is US – messed up, struggling and broken human beings that HE CREATED. Enjoy this and spend some time dwelling on it. Sing it, make it personal.

Psalms 145:1-17

145 1-2 I will praise you, my God and King, and bless your name each day and forever.

Great is Jehovah! Greatly praise him! His greatness is beyond discovery! Let each generation tell its children what glorious things he does. I will meditate about your glory, splendor, majesty, and miracles. Your awe-inspiring deeds shall be on every tongue; I will proclaim your greatness. Everyone will tell about how good you are and sing about your righteousness.

Jehovah is kind and merciful, slow to get angry, full of love. He is good to everyone, and his compassion is intertwined with everything he does. 10 All living things shall thank you, Lord, and your people will bless you. 11 They will talk together about the glory of your kingdom and mention examples of your power. 12 They will tell about your miracles and about the majesty and glory of your reign. 13 For your kingdom never ends. You rule generation after generation.

14 The Lord lifts the fallen and those bent beneath their loads. 15 The eyes of all mankind look up to you for help; you give them their food as they need it. 16 You constantly satisfy the hunger and thirst of every living thing.

17 The Lord is fair in everything he does and full of kindness. 

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