The Heart of the Father

As I am walking through this time of learning how to become intimate with the Father I can feel an excitement rising up within my spirit. I still sit here blown away how all these years I’ve missed this and didn’t even realize it.

Yesterday we had a speaker that followed up on last weeks message and man I want to tell you HE BROUGHT it and brought it strong. Was funny his opening statement was EXACTLY what I had blogged about that morning — CONFIRMATION that I’m on the right road. He nailed it when it came to how most of us live in the Christian community and it just keeps opening my eyes wider and wider — it is no wonder the church is such a mess and so many are turning away from it and so many look at us as crazy, hypocrites and full of ourselves. We are, talking one way and living another way, the more time that passes the more the church starts looking like the world and worrying about what the world thinks of us. WE NEED to be in this world and we NEED to be a light, I have always preach this and I’ve always said that people in the world WANT a REAL God that REALLY loves them and makes a difference in their lives. So just fall in love with God and allow him to shine through our lives, we DO NOT have to try to “attract” the world to our churches — be REAL — GOD IS POWERFUL – why should we make it look like its friendly to the unsaved by diminishing His POWER? When God saves someone why isn’t it looked at like a MIRACLE? A celebration? Oh don’t get me started!!!

So, yesterday the ONE thing that really stuck out to me and has me thinking and searching myself on is this: He asked the question “who are you?” in other words what defines who you are? All of us have strengths and weaknesses and most of us define who we are by our strenghts. For example if I am the best salesman you’ve ever met, everyone knows it, talks about and tells me about it. My life is built on that — here is the problem when that falls apart, I fall apart!! It can be a job, school, spouse, relationships etc etc —

There is only ONE that can define who I am, that can name me and that is God, He created me and He knows me. If I see myself this way it’s a game changer – If I am living my life defined by the Love of the Father there is NOTHING that can knock me down, take me out. 

So what is the most important part of anyones life? TO KNOW HIM, to know Him like a Father that loves you unconditionally ALL the time. He is Poppa — Father and he thinks the world of me and you.

It only gets better from here…..

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