My Father is soooooooo good

I don’t have a lot to say this morning except my Father is so good and He is true to his word and his promises.

This week I had a moment with Him that was amazing and it comes out of my quest of finding my Poppa…. (read Friday’s post). It was a moment when I KNEW without ANY doubt that God not only heard my prayer but he would answer my prayer. It was very cool to hear that, feel that and walk away with such confidence. And the knowing came not from my prayer but HE told me how to pray!! My Father actually told me what to say. It was amazing.

So this morning I was thinking about all of this, I said a couple of days ago this is the place where prayers are answered and I believe that to be true, but here is what I learned from this, my thoughts…..

For me most of the time I would come to God and pray for whatever need I had or a prayer for someone else, that is fine but I would walk away “hoping” God would answer, that He would even hear my prayer. 

I have been dwelling on the word “father” or “Poppa” and how I relate to God, who do I can out to when I pray or when I am in need and it has been very exciting and eye-opening to do this silly little excercise. I realized that I really did not relate to God as my Father, I did not have the intimate relationship with Him I thought I had. So when I was praying for my daughter the other day he tells me to prayer this way “From the heart of a Father to a heart of a Father” and the moment I did that something shifted in my relationship with Him, intimacy went to a new level and place with him, when I got up and walked away I KNEW THAT I KNEW that God my Father, my Poppa heard me and He would answer my prayer. 

Relating to Him as a FATHER does not mean that our prayers will be answered the way we want them to be answered but it means we can have FULL CONFIDENCE that he CARES and will do the very BEST thing in EVERY situation.

The other part of this with me ane with most people is that we don’t have the confidence to speak out victory when our Father says victory, in fact most of the time we do just the opposite, we stay silent with a fear that God won’t do what God says He will do.  In the mean time God says “All of my promises are YES and AMEN” No matter what the outcome is in any given situation GOD will always be faithful and true with His word.

HE is a good good Father

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