It’s Official

I got here about 2 weeks ago and now it is starting to feel like home — I found a place to live and can’t wait for my wife to see it in person. A great little house that is beautiful with a finished basement we can set up as a kids play room or a man cave hahha Diane has not heard that one yet….

I started my new job and so far it just feels right, it is difficult starting over being the low man on the totem pole but it’s just a matter of time that II w will fit in and be on top. I started a different job when I first got here but it didn’t feel right, and the pay changed the day I got there, after a few hours I decided to take this job instead. This was the first job I was offered when we decided to move.

I will go back to Cali Oct. 31st to pick up Diane, Noah, Tiffany and the kids. Looks like Brandon is going to make the move too!!!

Soon it will be life as normal — except the freezing cold and the snow hahaha


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