Finally back on it…

It has been a few months since I’ve written on here and it’s time for me to start up again.

I just moved to Grandview MO and it’s been very busy trying to everything set up with a job and housing, then plan on going back end of this month to pick up my wife and son Noah, Tiffany and their 2 children and head on HOME.

There are a few reasons we moved here but the main one was for the Prayer Room and church — IHOP and Forerunner Church. These are amazing ministries that we have been plugged into long distance. Diane has been praying for 12 years for this and HERE WE ARE.

If you are not familiar with the prayer room, it is almost 20 years old and the vision, focus and ministry has been the idea of mixing prayer with worship 24/7 and that is exactly what has taken place NON STOP for almost 20 years. Here is a link to it, you can stream it anytime for FREE. Prayer Room

The church, called Forerunner Church is a big church with the same vision as the prayer room as far as preparing the church for the last days. It’s an amazing church that draws people in from around the world, with so many young people along with many older grounded Christians. The leadership is STRONG. The focus is growth of believers moving towards maturity as we walk through this life. The gifts are alive and working in the body. With many classes for new believers, marriages, freedom, growth etc….

I am loving it!!! Today Allan Hood preached an amazing message/teaching about “Father” (I will write more on my thoughts on this next blog)

Tomorrow I start my new job and need to get moving in it — Making the money to live!!! Everything is on schedule and moving forward for me and the family. I miss my last church and I miss my family so very much. I hope to see them frequently during the years.

More on things and what the Lord is speaking to me during my times in church, in the prayer room and in my private devotions.

Here is a ling to the church Forerunner Church


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