21 Day Fast


Today I am starting a 21 day fast along with our church and thousands of other churches around the world. I have to say I am excited about it but I am also a little nervous about it. A few years back I had the experience of my life through a fast. I went 35 days on a water fast, well actually I started out with jello and broth and after a week I went just water.

Through the fast so many amazing things happened, I led my church through a couple fast after that. When it was winding down I didn’t want to stop, I journal-ed the entire fast and I wish I still had it to refer back to, but I deleted everything I had ever written back in 2012 (I wish I hadn’t now), the time was amazing ane life changing. But that was a few years ago now. I cannot live on that experience, what I can live on is I KNOW what fasting does, what can take place!!

Another aspect of this fear is when I went through that fast I was in full time ministry and I hammered people all the time that it was possible, everyone should experience this and should be able to do it. Well, today I work 50 or 60 hours a week not to mention I’m a little older. BUT with that said, I am a man and He is God, I trust Him and I believe He has called me to do this, so today I enter in.

My plan is a juice fast and I am going to dig into the book of John. Please pray for me as I enter into this and I will pray for all those who are joining me.

IF you are part of this fast share your experience, your plan, your victories and your struggles on our facebook group….    mcc 21 day fast

I plan writing blogs daily so check in for new blogs on what the Lord is doing



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