A few thoughts from my vacation

I just returned from a 8 day vacation. I would say this is one of the best vacations I’ve ever taken, for many reasons!!!

We went to Florida to visit my daughter Misty and her hubby Denny. I have not seen them for almost 2 years and I was pretty excited to see both of them. I am pretty sure Misty didn’t really think I would come. The expression and the excitement within her was priceless. We had a great time as they showed us around Florida, man what a beautiful state except the horrible humidity!!! I know that when someone comes to visit you feel like you have to show them around, keep them busy and all that great hospitality stuff but for me I just wanted to spend time with Misty and Denny…. no need to go anywhere or do anything!!

The highlight for me on this visit was our last full day there Misty and I went to lunch together. It was a wonderful and beautiful time with her, there really was no agenda or plan for this time together, we just talked!! We talked about our lives, past, present and future. We cried, we laughed and I feel like I know Misty in a brand new way as she shared some very intimate things of her life with me. This is the first time in YEARS that we spent time together with NO WALLS or BARRIERS between us, it was raw, beautiful and very loving. I will cherish that lunch for all the days of my life.


The second leg of this vacation was taking my wife to Pittsburgh to see a Pirates game. Her grandfather was a big Pirates fan and when he passed away many years ago she took up the mantle of being a Pirates fan. I have been a LA Dodger fan my entire life, grew up with them and I LOVE baseball. Diane turns out to be a bigger fan of baseball than me or anyone I know for that matter. Her dream has been to go to PNC Park and attend a Pirates game for as long as I’ve known her.

All of our lives (30 years of marriage) I have spent money to go to LA to see the dodgers, when the Pirates came to LA we would go, that way I could see my team and Diane could see hers, but it’s just not the same for her in Dodger Stadium. I have told her for years it was just too expensive to fly all the way across the country to watch a game….. for the most part it was all about ME!!!

Well last Christmas I bought her 2 tickets to a game at PNC park. For me seeing the excitement on her face, seeing her actions like a little girl as we approached the stadium was WORTH EVERY PENNY and MORE. I gave me such satisfaction watching her the entire time…it was a dream come true for her. THIS made it a fantastic vacation!!!!




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