God’s Word or the World’s Word?


“For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.” ~1 Timothy 4:8~

As Americans we try all kinds of strategies to live longer. Many folks spend lots of money trying to stretch their years. We workout, eat organic, take our vitamins, and try everything we can to relieve stress.

On April 26, 1999, an article written by Richard Willing was published in USA Today. The article’s headlines read, “Study: Worshipers live longer than those who skip services.” The study conducted by the University of Texas and Florida State surveyed over 22,000 regular and occasional worshipers and non-worshipers over a nine-year period. The life expectancy for people who had a strong faith, and who attended church regularly, was 10% better than those who were weak in their faith. The life expectancy for weekly churchgoers was 83 years versus 75 years for those not attending church at all. It appears that the reward for those enjoying the peace and comfort only God can provide is that they may have to wait a little longer to get to heaven!

There is no doubt that the high-risk behaviors of some non-worshipers figures into the results of this survey. Certainly the attitudes, faith, spirit, and lifestyles that can come from consistently reading God’s Word has to have a healthy impact upon our lives, too. The wise counsel of Proverbs says, and bring you prosperity. Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the table of your heart.” ~Prov. 3:1-3~

This is balance in our lives! A couple years ago I wrote a blog about my wife as she is growing older. All women want to look their best, stay healthy, keep their youth, but the truth is we all grow old, our bodies change, our skin changes, hair changes, our posture changes, everything grows old. To the world women lose sex appeal as they age and become old ladies with little social impact. It’s actually very sad. The blog I wrote was speaking about my wife as she growing older in age. I met her when she was in her early 20’s and shew as a brand new Christian. One thing about Diane is she has ALWAYS loved the word of God and has ALWAYS spent time with Him.

As a young woman she was opinionated, bumped heads with many people (mostly women) when it came to issues of morality and life. She would read the Word of God and be determined to live by it. Over the years she learned many lessons about life, God and herself. When it came to our children she was strict, demanding of excellence and insisted they go to church, and know God. As she grew in the Lord her life was always changing, she NEVER EVER stopped reading, studying God word and we have been married over 30 years now.

This verse is now a reality in her life and I am a witness to it…..My son, do not forget my teaching, but keep my commands in your heart, for they prolong your life many years and bring you prosperity. Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the table of your heart.” ~Prov. 3:1-3~ As my wife is heading into a new chapter in life she is more beautiful today then she was when she was 20 years old, how can that be? God’s word is medicine to our souls, our hearts and our bodies. Her beauty pours through the age of her body, her heart is pure, his LOVE IS HUGE, her worship is DEEP, and her wisdom and amazing.

The word of God is the most important thing for you to know in this life…it brings life…it brings youth….it brings strength…it brings love….it brings forgiveness it is everything you need to live a full, meaningful and amazing life. We literally make the choice to live a life full of these things or full of envy, bitterness, hate, jealousy and greed. God’s word or the worlds word?

Now go out and have an EPIC day today!!!


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