Be a Fragrance

The following words describe God’s aggressive strategy for leaking the fragrance of heaven all over the earth. Not only does this dream of God satisfy our deepest longing for significance, it leads us to where the real glory resides—people seeing and experiencing Jesus in you. Live this out in front of your wife and children daily –

who says God doesn’t like visibility of his guys? He wants you noticed. He wants your victories acknowledged. He wants others to see the new you created in Christ, doing good works. We have our field of battle just as Christ had his. He wants your victories visible, why? Because your victories give both you and Him pleasure. He loves you.

two words make sense of all this visibility—“in Christ.” If you see your identity being in Christ, who is the hero in all our victory, that means your identity is in Him. Remember it’s not us; it’s our identity that is in Christ that wins the battle. We know from where we came.

God takes the dream of the forgiveness of our sin light years beyond when we realize he has chosen us to do be the servants of mankind, exposing them to the perfect love God has for all who will accept His special gift. God has given us all special gifts. What are mine and am I learning to use them?

No go out and have an EPIC day today!!!


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