Iron Sharpens Iron

As iron sharpens iron,
    so a friend sharpens a friend.~Prov 27:17


As men we get the lone ranger attitude at times, we love the Lord but we don’t need anyone in our business, don’t need other men knowing our stuff, our problems, our weaknesses. A few problems arise in our lives when we end up in this place, first we just open our self up to the attack of the enemy, you know the one who is out to KILL YOU!!! Destroy your life, your marriage, your relations with God. Secondly when we do have problems with our marriage of others around us, we go to other men and “complain” about it and when we do this it is just pouring death into an already bad situation. Instead of getting your brothers to pray for your marriage you wife, your children they end up with anger, contempt, and a negative view of that person.

As brothers in the Lord we are called to uplift one another, to pray for one another and to hold one another accountable in ALL area’s of life. Here is a truth that we all need to hear, know and walk in……. Your marriage will only be as strong as you are, your church will only be as strong as the men of the church, your workplace, the city your live in, the state you live in, and well I could take this out a lot further. IF the men of God would ever get a hold of this and become what they are created to be, take the role God has created them for the WORLD would be turned upside down. IRON SHARPENS IRON plain and simple.

Have a man or men in your life that will sharpen you in your secret places!! And have a man or men in your life that you will help sharpen!

I can tell you after walking with the Lord for 35 years, being in ministry for over 23 years I have had TWO men that took that role on with me and I will always be indebted to them. But that’s IT, I have gone many seasons with nobody. When it comes to accountability the men of God really have dropped the ball. It starts with YOU!!! Are you in?

Have an EPIC day today boys.


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