I have decided….

I have been praying and asking the Lord where in the Word I should spend these 21 days during the Mission City Fast. Without doubt I have been led to Psalm 119, I am not sure why yet but I know that I’ve never really taken any amount of time in this chapter. I have preached out of it, taught out of it and used it as reference in sermons but I have never studied it. … So here I am.

Give me understanding, so that I may keep your law
    and obey it with all my heart. ~ Psalm 119:34

The first 33 verses are all about asking God to help him open his eyes, open his ears, protect him so he may serve Him, help him get it… all great stuff and here is verse 34 this jumped out at me…. “GIVE ME UNDERSTANDING…..” here it is in black and white people the answer on what it takes to walk in obedience, love and holiness.

There are millions of Christians who never get it, they call themselves followers of God but live in the flesh, go to church but live in the world. In actions and deeds and then wonder why. Sometimes Sunday after Sunday you make a commitment to be a “better” Christian, go deeper and never open the Word, do notpray. Part of this is the churches fault by making too easy to be a Christian, to walk in His ways. Lack of training, teaching and knowing the Word.

We will NEVER have understanding of who God is, what His heart is, what His laws are. We will never walk in His ways and we will NEVER obey Him with our whole heart if we DO NOT KNOW HIM!! And like it or not the way to KNOW GOD is through his Word with UNDERSTANDING!! It’s very simple and yet it’s very deep and complex. WE need the Holy Spirit to guide us and teach us the Word of God but the Word of God is GOD!!!

Now go out and have an EPIC day today!! #mccfast


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