Happy New Year

As this 2015 closes out what does 2016 hold? That is the question everyone ask and would love to know.

We really do not know what the next year will hold, what the next month, week, day, hour, minute or even what the next second will hold. If it is good, bad or ugly we have NO control over, but what we do have control of is how we will react, how we will stand, and how we will come out the other side when something unexpected happens in our life.

We are not even promised another breathe after the one you just took. There are no promises in this life except we are promised it will end one day as we know it. So in sickness, in health, in a loss of a loved one, loss of property, loss of job, or anything else this world wants to throw at you it seems to me the best thing for you and me is to prepare how we come out the other side. And how we come out the other side of pain, hurt, cancer, financial problems or anything else depends on how we view the other side.

Spend your time this year developing a view of the other side of life. For me I believe we should always prepare for our last breath on this earth, we should live for it, anticipate it and come to a place of joy in that anticipation. This is called “peace”.

When disaster or anything else hits your life with the proper perspective you can even smile in the midst of it, it’s not always easy and it should not be easy but it’s a promise. This life is a time to prepare for eternity… as for me “I LIVE TO DIE” – don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my life on this earth, my family, friends, work, church but my life is NOT about any of these things…my life is about showing all of those in my life that their is eternity to look forward to….. when its all said and done nothing here really matters, our anger and unforgiveness, our money, success or failures, our disagreements with friends and family….the things we stress about here in the flesh will all come to an END one day. We should live for this.

Just my thoughts for the new year.


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