Then they will know…..


They will recognize how hurt I am by their unfaithful hearts and lustful eyes that long for their idols. Then at last they will hate themselves for all their detestable sins. 10 They will know that I alone am the Lord ~ Ezekiel 6

Here in Chapter 6 God is telling Ezekiel to speak to all the land that God is going to destroy the people, the leaders because of their false idols, their fake religion, turning their backs on the Lord. Here the bigger sin is the leaders leading people into false religion, leading them not to the Love of God but to the love of their false religion. God is NOT happy and he says that he will lay their bones out in front of their false idols for ALL TO SEE,… then they will know that HE IS GOD…

So what does this mean to you and me? How do you lead your family? How do you lead your co-workers? school mates? How do you lead your spouse? Are we pointing them to the altar of the living God or to our self made altars that we think will bring us happiness and joy? LIFE is all about THIS very thing!! Marriage is about this very thing!! Everything you do and say and participate in is about this…. being a LIGHT to show the world Jesus!! If you want to believe it or not life is just a flash in eternity!! It’s easier to believe you just live and then die…..not that simple!

And for the church, what does this mean? EVERYTHING THAT IS NOT OF GOD WILL BE EXPOSED AND BROUGHT TO LIGHT!! So we can choose to be a popular and rich church or we can speak truth and BE JESUS!!

Now go out and have an EPIC day today…


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