Proverbs 27 __ Mission City Challenge


As iron sharpens iron,
    so a friend sharpens a friend ~ Proverbs 27:17

One of my favorite scriptures in the Bible!! I learned about this young in my Christian walk by a pastor who had a gift of building some great ministries. One of the strongest groups we had in our church was the men’s ministry and it was built on this scriptures along with all the different groups we had. The church had incredible growth for many years.

The truth of this scripture is that we need one another in this life. We cannot be a lone ranger when it comes to wisdom, knowledge and growth. For iron to sharpen iron it takes a lot of heat, force, strength, wisdom and knowledge to end up with a perfect tool. Iron work is hard dirty work but the results can be beauty, a sharp tool, security and the list goes on.

When it comes to a man or woman mentoring another human being it is hard dirty work. One of the greatest problems with this is men and woman have a lot of flesh involved in the process, some mentor with purpose and some do and do not even realize it, and some do when they have NO business doing it at all.

To mentor you need to …..

* Be Mature

* Have Wisdom

* Be willing to invest

* Have a clean and pure heart

* Be secure with no agenda to promote yourself

* love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control.

People are watching you at all times, at school, work, shopping and HOME!!! Be consistent in who you are resting in Him as a lifestyle. It is then you will be able to sharpen another man or woman.

Now go our and have an EPIC day today


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