Proverbs 24 – Mission City Challenge


Don’t rejoice when your enemies fall;
    don’t be happy when they stumble.
For the Lord will be displeased with you
    and will turn his anger away from them. ~~ Proverbs 24:17-18

Most of us are guilty of this to some degree. We love to see our enemies stumble and fall. Just think for a moment of the magnitude of this scripture, let’s look at who are our enemies in the world. Christians vs the world. Let me say right up front that it should NOT be this way, in reality we should have NO enemies except Satan and his demons.

If this scripture is true think about our actions when it comes to…..

Abortion – gay marriage – death with dignity – the president of the United States – and the list can go on and on. …….

What should be the Christians actions? Prayer!!! Prayer!!! Prayer!!! Does it mean we have to be silent and stand up for justice? NO NO NO it does not. We need to stand, we need to make noise, we need to fight for justice BUT we do not need to HATE!

This very simple little scriptures says that when we do rejoice that God will turn his anger away from our enemies… think about that.

Now what about in our personal lives? We all have people we don’t really like, we work with them, we go to school with them, we live next door to them etc…. PRAY for them!! Do not rejoice and hope for a fall, do not wish or even pray for them to stumble so YOUR life is easier. This comes our of a heart of love that comes from a relationship with Jesus…. He transforms and renews our hearts and minds.

This could be written so much deeper, this is just a short blog but it’s a very important word.

Now go our and have an EPIC day today.


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