Proverbs 22 — Mission City Challenge


17 Listen to the words of the wise;
    apply your heart to my instruction.
18 For it is good to keep these sayings in your heart
    and always ready on your lips.
19 I am teaching you today—yes, you—
    so you will trust in the Lord.
20 I have written thirty sayings[b] for you,
    filled with advice and knowledge.
21 In this way, you may know the truth ~ Proverbs 22;17-21

Says it all — if we just read the word and then move on to the next portion of scripture it really does not good to us, but if we study, re-read, until we KNOW them then it becomes life changing. When you know the truth and you gain wisdom from God’s Word they will always come back to us when making a choice, a decision, and a move in our life. You will be filled with knowledge and advice. I LOVE THIS!!!

The very 1st post I made on when I started this journey was about how within the Proverbs there is wisdom in every single situation we will EVER fact. The answers are within these 31 chapters.

Now go out and have an EPIC day today


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