Proverbs 20 ~~ Mission City Challenge


27 The Lord’s light penetrates the human spirit,
    exposing every hidden motive. ~ Proverbs 20:17

This is such a powerful scripture to learn in our lives. Once again most of us live like this is NOT true at all. I always say “you are what you believe” so we can quote a word like this, we can teach a word like this and we can preach a word like this. But if we do not believe it we will NEVER ever live it. When we try to live it out and do not really believe it, then it become a form of legalism and a life long battle.

God sees OUR HEARTS, our spirits and our motives in every action, every word and every thought……nothing is hidden from Him.

The big question is, How do we go from knowledge of a scripture to “believing” a scripture? The answer is really very simple and anyone can do it. RELATIONSHIP with Jesus, fall IN LOVE with Jesus. It all boils down to His Word, this is how you get to know Him and you cannot fall in love with Him if you do not know Him. I am shocked and amazed by how many people who claim Jesus as savior do NOT read His word. With today’s technology you can read, listen in almost any format. Not a preacher but the WORD/BIBLE

Now go out and have an EPIC day today.


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