Proverbs 16 — Mission City Challenge


24 Kind words are like honey—
    sweet to the soul and healthy for the body ~ Proverbs 16;24

Such a fantastic and truthful scripture!

A truth that all of us should know and live by…. our words bring LIFE or they bring DEATH.

We interact with more people everyday than we even realize. Many years of my life I worked in retail and I interacted with strangers all day long, some people would just speak down, rude etc… always left me feeling angry, hurt, and low. Then I realized that MY words are the same. How do I speak to strangers? And what about friends, family, our children, grandchildren, our co-workers, our parents, our bosses, our clients, the people you go to church with?

Speak LIFE into people, daily, without thinking, even if they offend you!! LIFE!! LOVE!!

I have written and preached entire sermons on this subject, there have been bible studies, books written and even weekend conferences just on these short words. LIFE!

Now go out and have an EPIC day today


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