Proverbs 13 – – Mission City Challenge


20 Walk with the wise and become wise;
    associate with fools and get in trouble ~ Proverbs 13:-20

The old saying “you are who you hang around with” is true. There is also another saying I’ve always told my children along with many other people “It’s always easier to pull a person into a hole than it is to pull them out”

I know for a fact (because of my own life) that if one is not planted firmly and deeply with the Lord it’s not very smart or wise to hang out with the wrong people. You will ALWAYS end up looking/acting just like them. I know many (as well as my own experiences) Christians, especially new Christians who say they want to be a witness or minister to the people in the bars, clubs etc… they want to hang out and show their old friends Jesus. And I also know that many have a pure heart when starting out on this journey and really do want to but I can tell you that 99% of them end up falling down pretty hard.

This ONE LITTLE SCRIPTURE tells the entire story.

Be planted like a tree in the Lord before you go into the wild!!!

Here is a GREAT song that I just love that speaks of this…. Now go out and have an EPIC day today


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