Proverbs 12 — Mission City Challenge


19 Truthful words stand the test of time,
    but lies are soon exposed. ~ Proverbs 12-19

Most of my life I’ve always tried to tell people what they wanted to hear. Not to try and lie to them but to try and not hurt them or upset them. Bottom line it made me a LIAR. And more times than not it always ended up bad anyways and hurt more in the end.

My wife on the other hand would be able to look at you and tell you the truth no matter what — always speak the truth to someone. There were many times that people would get offended by it, or think she was not a nice person and would avoid her.

So which way is the correct way to approach people when they come to you for advice, counsel, or just a situation that needs to be addressed be it as a parent, friend, boss, or co-worker.

The answer is really quite simple — always be truthful, even if it hurts, it’s still better than a lie! BUT…BUT if you are going to live this way it comes with a great responsibility. When it came to my wife, she had the ability to always speak truth, but lacked salt, love and most importantly wisdom. I do not know many who has spent so much time in the Word as she does, I mean all of her life her face has been planted in the Bible and with that comes LOVE, KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM and a deep relationship with the Lord. IT changes a person and as she has grown over the years today she speaks with people with such love, compassion and WISDOM that they come to her asking for truth. It has been amazing transformation to watch over the years.

I must confess I have learned SO SO SO much from just watching her, that today I would always speak truth rather than lying trying to make someone feel better.

So far in this book of Proverbs every single chapter has been about gaining WISDOM in life. The book of Proverbs was written by wisest man that ever walked this earth…….

So for this single scripture to come to life for you in your life, takes hard work, building your life, gaining relationship, finding truth, wisdom and knowledge. READ YOUR WORD daily — it’s LIFE to your soul.

Now go out and have an EPIC day today


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