Proverbs 11 — Mission City Challenge



20 The Lord detests people with crooked hearts,
    but he delights in those with integrity ~ Proverbs 11:20

A very good scripture for today! To me this is the reality of all of life, our private life, our family life, friendship life, work life, school life, and church life. This speaks of who we are!

Some say we are born with crooked hearts and I am one that believes this…. most of us learn to hide our hearts, our flaws, our crooked plans but like all things the truth always comes out and sooner or later all is revealed. But the deeper truth to this is that God see’s the heart of man, He knows us, I mean He knows EVERY part of us, all of our crookedness and hiding.

There are great people who do not know God, they love, they give and they have total integrity. You do not have to know and follow God to be a good person. But the truth of the matter still remains HE KNOWS YOU! And the truth still remains “God detest a crooked heart and delights in those with integrity”

You and I can chose to live anyway we like, be whatever we want but the truth is the truth in the end He is the one we will all stand before………If you believe in Him or not.

Now go out and have an EPIC day today


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