Proverbs 10 ~ Mission City Challenge


We have happy memories of the godly,
    but the name of a wicked person rots away. ~ Proverbs 10:7

As we go through life we build families, careers, friends and our world at the work place. People know what they see. When we have hidden things in our lives, secrets, things that nobody knows about it can be devastating to the world around you. Hidden lies, sins, habits, addictions ALWAYS come to light sooner or later and when they do it’s a life changer for you and for the ones around you.

How many times have you been shocked when something is exposed about somebody. Or when someone passes away and while going through their things you find things that just rip your heart out, they have had secrets for years. How about the current situation with Bill Cosby? In my life I have experienced it and when I saw the damage (some that can never be repaired) it changed my heart forever!! One of my greatest fears is how I will be remembered, or what kind of legacy I leave for my loved ones. Do I want them to remember me for my mistakes, lies and hidden life or as a man who LOVED, CARED and GAVE?

This scripture is a POWERFUL scripture take it to heart. There is another Scripture that says “I would rather you be HOT or COLD rather than LUKE-WARM” (God speaking) He goes as far to say he will vomit you out of his mouth if you are lukewarm. This applies to ALL of life not just your relationship with the Father …. but with that said I believe that all of life is based on your relationship with the Father. (not saying you can’t be a good person without God)

Now go out and have an EPIC day today!!!


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