Proverbs 25 __ Mission City Challenge


18 Telling lies about others
    is as harmful as hitting them with an ax,
wounding them with a sword,
    or shooting them with a sharp arrow. ~ Proverbs 25:18

Once a lie is spoken about someone it can NEVER be undone. The damage is done and the people who hear the lies will not look at this person the same again. The truth is it is as harmful and hitting them with an ax, wounding them with a sword or shooting them with sharp arrow, it does not kill them but wounds them for life, leaves a scare that will be with them for life.

Usually when we lie about someone the motive is purely selfish, it’s always to make ourselves look better. It is a matter of pride, low self esteem and a dishonest heart. Always speak the truth — ALWAYS — even if it hurts or it’s very hard, in the end when all is said and done, nobody is hurt.

Break PRIDE in your life, it’s the root of all sins and shortcomings, it’s the ruin of friendships, families and marriages.

Now go out and have an EPIC day today.

Proverbs 24 – Mission City Challenge


Don’t rejoice when your enemies fall;
    don’t be happy when they stumble.
For the Lord will be displeased with you
    and will turn his anger away from them. ~~ Proverbs 24:17-18

Most of us are guilty of this to some degree. We love to see our enemies stumble and fall. Just think for a moment of the magnitude of this scripture, let’s look at who are our enemies in the world. Christians vs the world. Let me say right up front that it should NOT be this way, in reality we should have NO enemies except Satan and his demons.

If this scripture is true think about our actions when it comes to…..

Abortion – gay marriage – death with dignity – the president of the United States – and the list can go on and on. …….

What should be the Christians actions? Prayer!!! Prayer!!! Prayer!!! Does it mean we have to be silent and stand up for justice? NO NO NO it does not. We need to stand, we need to make noise, we need to fight for justice BUT we do not need to HATE!

This very simple little scriptures says that when we do rejoice that God will turn his anger away from our enemies… think about that.

Now what about in our personal lives? We all have people we don’t really like, we work with them, we go to school with them, we live next door to them etc…. PRAY for them!! Do not rejoice and hope for a fall, do not wish or even pray for them to stumble so YOUR life is easier. This comes our of a heart of love that comes from a relationship with Jesus…. He transforms and renews our hearts and minds.

This could be written so much deeper, this is just a short blog but it’s a very important word.

Now go our and have an EPIC day today.

Proverbs 23 — Mission City Challenge


Don’t wear yourself out trying to get rich.
    Be wise enough to know when to quit.
In the blink of an eye wealth disappears,
    for it will sprout wings
    and fly away like an eagle. ~ Proverbs 23:4-5

I know people, good people, God lovers, who spend their entire life focused on getting rich. Always looking for the “next” thing, the next get rich plan, the next book or seminar that comes along to get rich. I know people who work crazy long days and night, leaving their family, never in church / ministry, leaving friends and family behind trying to make it big enough to be rich.

A man / woman has to take care of their family, they have to work to put food on the table and to pay bills. They have to work hard to provide for a family and a future. BUT…. there is a line we should not cross. There is a place where “faith” that God will take care of us and provide our needs over leaving family behind and 100% focused on making money. There is NO wisdom in living that way!!

Like the word says here.. “it will fly away in the blink of an eye” and you will be left with nothing, no money, no bank accounts, not family and no friends and most of all a very weak is any relationship with the Lord.

Be wise when it comes to working. Your children are more important than money, your marriage is more important than money and your relationship with Jesus is more important than money.

Now go out and have an EPIC day today.

Proverbs 22 — Mission City Challenge


17 Listen to the words of the wise;
    apply your heart to my instruction.
18 For it is good to keep these sayings in your heart
    and always ready on your lips.
19 I am teaching you today—yes, you—
    so you will trust in the Lord.
20 I have written thirty sayings[b] for you,
    filled with advice and knowledge.
21 In this way, you may know the truth ~ Proverbs 22;17-21

Says it all — if we just read the word and then move on to the next portion of scripture it really does not good to us, but if we study, re-read, until we KNOW them then it becomes life changing. When you know the truth and you gain wisdom from God’s Word they will always come back to us when making a choice, a decision, and a move in our life. You will be filled with knowledge and advice. I LOVE THIS!!!

The very 1st post I made on when I started this journey was about how within the Proverbs there is wisdom in every single situation we will EVER fact. The answers are within these 31 chapters.

Now go out and have an EPIC day today

Proverbs 21 — Mission City Challenge


The Lord is more pleased when we do what is right and just
    than when we offer him sacrifices. ~ Proverbs 21:3

Wow do I love this and how true this is…. As Christians many try to please God or think they please God by going to church, serving on a board or giving in the offering. Being a “good churchman” or using the right words to sound like a strong Christian. But as we have seen over and over again in these Proverbs God sees the heart of man, even our very thoughts!!

God would rather and is pleased that we do what is right and just over going to church services to make an appearance. OUCH.

God is all about Justice and He is looking for men and women in the kingdom to stand for justice in a world where justice has no place. Justice in this world today is turned upside down….take a look at all the “moral” issues we face today, take a look at the money issues, the racial issues etc…. they are ALL upside down and we are being led to some very dangerous places.

Stand up and do what is right….and what is just in this world. Jesus did!!!

Now go out and have an EPIC day today

Proverbs 20 ~~ Mission City Challenge


27 The Lord’s light penetrates the human spirit,
    exposing every hidden motive. ~ Proverbs 20:17

This is such a powerful scripture to learn in our lives. Once again most of us live like this is NOT true at all. I always say “you are what you believe” so we can quote a word like this, we can teach a word like this and we can preach a word like this. But if we do not believe it we will NEVER ever live it. When we try to live it out and do not really believe it, then it become a form of legalism and a life long battle.

God sees OUR HEARTS, our spirits and our motives in every action, every word and every thought……nothing is hidden from Him.

The big question is, How do we go from knowledge of a scripture to “believing” a scripture? The answer is really very simple and anyone can do it. RELATIONSHIP with Jesus, fall IN LOVE with Jesus. It all boils down to His Word, this is how you get to know Him and you cannot fall in love with Him if you do not know Him. I am shocked and amazed by how many people who claim Jesus as savior do NOT read His word. With today’s technology you can read, listen in almost any format. Not a preacher but the WORD/BIBLE

Now go out and have an EPIC day today.