One Year Fast….

In November of 2014 the Lord started speaking to me about fasting in 2015….I wasn’t sure why or what I was to seek or what He wanted to show me, but I kept pressing in to seek some answers. In December I felt led to do a year long fast. Even after making that choice I was not sure why. I felt for the most part it was for me to have discipline over my body, mind etc…. and I do believe that is a very big part of it.

Today begins the 3rd month of this journey, I have had NO spiritual breakthroughs, no great insights, no new revelations but I have been faithful to this fast.

When I was pastoring and would fast I had a hard time understanding why it was so hard for other to fast….I really tried to understand but I just couldn’t grasp why, after all I was going 30 days only water and it was AMAZING!!! LIFE CHANGING!! I wanted everyone to experience it. Well here I am working full time, crazy hours, long hours…..I get church in once a week…. I still get my devotions in daily but it’s a huge change from being in ministry full time. The bottom line I am seeing first hand why it’s so hard to fast when you are in the real world. I hope I didn’t pass judgment on people and lay guilt on people over this in the past. IF I DID I AM SO VERY SORRY….

With all that said, here I am beginning my 3rd month of a year long fast. As I begin this month I feel a deep stirring in my spirit and I am anxious to have this revealed to me. I know the Lord is asking a few things of me and I am pressing in on these issues. He has been so good to me. I stand in awe of the changes He has made in me, the love he has put in me and the LIFE he has given me.

Here is an outline of the fast…..

Jan  ——- Coffee

Feb ——–Deserts/sweets

March—– Bread (hardest one for me)

April —— Breakfast

May ——–Lunch

June ——- Dinner

July ——– Coffee

August —– Deserts/Sweets

Sept. ——– Bread

Oct. ——— Breakfast

Nov.——— Lunch

Dec. ——— Deserts/Sweets (Christmas time)


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