I had a dream….. BARAK

A week ago or so I had this dream and it has stuck with me. I only remember bits and pieces of it so i’ll do the best I can to retell it…..

In this dream I was in a pretty large church building and I was preparing to preach the Word….in the past when I was preparing to preach I would always get by myself and go through the sermon a couple times. Usually in my office with the door locked. On this occasion everywhere I went there was a man following me…. I would start preaching and he would yell at me “BARAK BARAK….no no you must get out of the church,….go out of the church… BARAK BARAK” ….. this was taking place over and over again… I stepped into the pulpit to bring the word to the congregation and he was in front of me “BARAK… BARAK…. nooooo take it out of the church….. this is doing no good…. go go … BARAK BARAK”

Each time he spoke he would start with Barak and end with Barak….yelling this to me, pointing his finger at me… not in anger at all but in frustration, desperation. And then I woke up….

I can’t ever remember using this word or even seeing this word before… except of course Barak Obama. But this word stuck with me, I could hear it being screamed at me for hours after I woke up. So I decided to look it up and see what the meaning is. The first time I googled it of course the president came up for pages and pages so I decided I better try another way. So I googled “Barak in the Bible” and Hebrew word Barak” and I started to get some answers… I found a few things…. it means “Blessed, kneel down, and I found one that said lightning bolt… so I left it at that.

That day I told Diane about it and not much was said about this dream. I think she thought I was saying it meant “I was blessed” but that is not how I saw it… I was seeing it as I was to BLESS others. After that day I just kind of dropped it and tried to forget about it….although it was in the back of my mind for days.

Yesterday (Sunday) I woke up and went about my usual business as any other morning, take the dogs out, make coffee, open up FB and scan through and then do my devotions. I was reading a post from a friend I have on FB who has an awesome ministry to street people and someone posted on his post this day one word… and that word was BARAK… and that was it!!! My heart jumped a little and off I went to research it some more. Here is the best meaning I can find….

Barak means “to kneel down, to bless God as an act of adoration.”

There are quite a few ministries out there with the name “Barak Ministries” all about bringing to healing word of God to a hurting and desperate world…. from what I’ve seen most of them are very prophetic ministries with healing and restoration at the center as the focus. Many a evangelist….

I don’t know what all this means for me, if anything but as of right now I can’t shake it.


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