Who am I?

Integrity – humility – love – a grateful heart – a giver…. these are the things that make a man strong.

The work place is such a major part of a man, his identity….it’s an important aspect of who a man is. But it does not define who a man is. I can make a TON of money working, I can be top dog month after month….can strive to be the BEST but if I am a man who is not showing love, not interacting with my co-workers, not making a difference in the lives of those around me including my clients I am NOTHING.

The most important part of the work place is not how much money you can make or how popular one is….it is how much you GIVE in your time, money energy, love….it’s about being humble and dealing with everyone and everything in total integrity. Everything else is just a blessing.

It does not matter if I am a pastor or a car salesman, or I clean bathrooms for a living….it’s about my heart and how I do it. My motives.

I am one very grateful man at this moment.


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