What we know changes everything!!!

I am in the middle of a study of the Song of Songs from Mike Buckle’s teachings. Man it’s deep and it’s very eye opening for me. Today I was learning about the stages of maturity as a follower of Jesus. We all struggle and we all start as babies…through the song I’m learning that even in my struggles (sin) it does not mean my love for Jesus is not there. This is the place where most fall away in shame and condemnation. When we learn that He still loves us, still sees us a beautiful even in our weakness it changes everything!! Jesus does expect us to mature but He also knows it is a process, He sees the heart… words mean NOTHING, but our heart means everything. When you or I fall into sin it DOES NOT make us a hypocrite if our heart is for the Lord and we are on the road to maturity. SUCH AN IMPORTANT TRUTH!!

Mike Bickle wrote on 4 stages of maturity through the Song of Songs and I want to share it…. AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL.

IF YOU CAN GRASP THIS…..YOU WILL MATURE and enjoy your walk with Him….and HE will enjoy YOU!!!

  1.                 Four key statements of progression
    1. There are four times in the Song where you are going to see a phrase repeated. The Lord is causing a progression of maturity to take place in her life and it is important to look over these verses in order to become familiar with it.
    2. The Song describes her progression from being self-centered to being God-centered in four key statements. Four times throughout the book she changes and redefines her experience. She starts from being only self-conscious and ends up with a mature God-centeredness. We can follow her maturity throughout the Song through these four statements that are in strategic places. They are statements of the progression of her maturity. Notice the transition from a self-centered to a God-centered focus in the four inheritance statements (1:14; 2:16; 6:3; 7:10). In the beginning stages, her own enjoyment of Jesus is her only focus. She talks about what He is to her without much awareness of what she is to Him. In 2:16 and 6:3 and then finally 7:10, she uses this same language but changes the order to express her concern about what she is to Jesus. Jesus is her inheritance.
    3. Her initial focus is only upon her spiritual pleasure. This is acceptable to Jesus as a beginning place in the grace of God. Her only focus is that she is loved and has an inheritance in Him. She has little regard at this stage for His inheritance in her.

13My beloved is to me… (1:13-14)

    1. In her second focus she is saying, “He is mine, He belongs to me. However, I now realize that I also belong to Him.” She now adds a new dimension of His ownership of her life. She now sees the necessity of loving Him because she is His inheritance. However, it is her secondary concern at this stage of maturity.

16My beloved is mine and I am his. (2:16)

    1. In her third focus she is saying the same words as 2:16, but she changes the order. She says, “I belong to Him and I continue to acknowledge that He is still mine. He belongs to me. My beloved is mine.” The third progression says the same two truths but the order changes. She says, “It is His agenda first and my agenda second.” She reverses the priority of her concern. His inheritance in her is now first in her heart. Her inheritance in Him is vital, yet secondary.

3I am my beloved’s and he is mine. (6:3)

    1. In her fourth and final focus she is saying, “I belong to Him and what He desires is all I focus on. The fact that His desire is for me makes me want to make sure that I am 100 percent His. He owns me entirely. His concerns are what I care about most.”

10I am my beloved’s and his desire is toward me. (7:10)


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