A new season in my life…..

I have decided to change my blog site — a new focus and new word.

Two years ago everything changed for me….my life came tumbling down and at that point ALL that I was crushed and I started over. I started over in every aspect of my life. It was painful, stressful, and at that point I never thought I would NEVER come out of it. Today 2 years later I am a lover of my life. Not for anything I have done or I am…..for the truth is I am nothing, I cannot be trusted with my life, my choices, my thoughts, my family, my marriage, my job and well the list never ends. The ONLY way I make it today is resting in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. After years of living a life of “me” I have found the secret place and have learned to be content with where I am and most of who I am.

Today I live my life clean, open, and without secrets! Everything about me has changed from the inside out. My marriage is better than it’s ever been, my relationships with my family is better than it has ever been and still growing and healing. And most of all my relationship with the Father is better than it’s ever been….I understand and live out the LOVE he has for me, even in my weakness.

I am very thankful and I am very humbled. I try to live my life this way….with a life of thankfulness and humility….in my personal life, my marriage, as a father, a grandfather, at work and at church.

So with that said I feel like it’s time to put away this page and start new, fresh, share and encourage those around me with God’s word as the Holy Spirit speaks to me. I know that I’m called by the Lord, I love preaching and I love people….I don’t know if I’ll ever be back in a pulpit full time or not and the truth is I am OK with that….I will do and go where ever He ask me to go or do… PERIORD …. I have dreams of ministry with my wife….I give these dreams to Him and see what happens. Either way I am content. I have been blessed with an incredible job that I really do love and enjoy. I am treated very well, I make good money and I’m happy.


                      “A VERY GOOD WORD FOR TODAY”



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