I am dark but I am lovely

I am doing a study in Song of Songs and I must say it’s life changing and I suggest it to everyone, especially men! I came across something in here that has touched my heart on many levels….actually 2 Scriptures

Song 1:5 “I am dark, but lovely…”

Matt. 25:41 “The spirit is indeed willing, but the flesh is weak” (Jesus speaking to Peter)

The scripture out of Songs I must say I’ve never really looked at, I really had NO understanding of this book at all and no interest in it. I am now understanding and LOVING it…..the Matthew scripture I’ve read a thousand times, I’ve taught it, I’ve preached it and today I see it as “new” and life changer for me.

The scripture out of Song is an amazing word. It speaks of when we realize/see that we are beautiful to God even though we are sinful…even in our weakness, failures and sin. We are not loved more or unloved because we are weak, dark and struggling. God loves us even in our weakness, and as we grow more in love with Him he sheds more light so we can see the darkness within our hearts.

In many churches, denominations etc we are taught either about how dark we are or about how much he loves us and the balance is thrown off. Both ends of this are wrong to focus on! We either become hopeless or we become fearful or shamed in our weakness in front of God. If you know me you know I do not preach, teach or believe that we can sin and act like nothing is wrong or God doesn’t see it…that He is OK with it and understands!! There is a beautiful balance in all of this that can only be fully understood by God himself.

It is essential for our spiritual growth to see that we are lovely as we see more of our sinfulness. These two truths causes us to grow in confidence and gratitude in our relationship with Jesus.

Some streams in the body of Christ focus on the darkness of our heart or on how sinful we are. To emphasize this without emphasizing how lovely we are to God destroys our confidence before the Lord and produces shame driven believers. They are sincere in their repentance but are emotionally paralyzed in their relationship with Jesus by shame.

We walk in the light in different measures. We are to walk in the fullness of the light that we have as God dwells in the fullness of the light that He has. As we walk in the light, God increases it so that we see more of the darkness that is in our heart. Our most sincere efforts to love God are flawed and fragile. Those who sincerely seek to obey Jesus need not fear that they will be disqualified from their calling because of weakness. We are lovely to God even in our weakness. He is tender towards us in our spiritual immaturity. 

Jeremiah had revelation of the depth and deceitfulness of sin in the human heart. We have a greater capacity for sin than we comprehend. No one fully grasps the depth of our unperceived areas of sin. They are below the surface like hidden fault lines before an earthquake.


 22…put off…the old man which grows corrupt according to the deceitful lusts. (Eph. 4:22)

Knowledge of our weak flesh is an important aspect of the truth about who we are, although it is not the whole truth of who we are. God knows about the depth of our sin before we are saved. He does not discover our sin because we do. He is aware of it when He declares His love for us. God did not overcommit Himself to love us without first understanding the gravity of our sin.

The Scripture out of Matthew when Jesus spoke to Peter in the garden…. “the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak”



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