I had a dream……..

I actually had a couple dreams over the last 2 nights. I can’t remember everything and have been chewing on it for the last 24 hours….I am going to share what I do remember and what I think.

In this dream the Lord took me into the Spiritual world…. I was able to see situations from the eyes of the Lord and or angels. I remember one scene when I was looking at man who was hurting, angry, bitter and I’m not sure what was going on in his life. Looked like a normal man, someone I might see any day or any time and not give a second thought about. From the outside he looked like he had a good life, dressed well, smiles and looked at peace. But when I looked again he was very angry and crying off and on again between out breaks of spewing out anger. HE WAS SURROUNDED by angels trying to bring comfort and change to his life, his heart and his mind. Jesus would speak to the angels and they would bring the message to him….I sat and watched it all as it was taking place…. then I would see the human side of the situation…. his outburst of anger and pain….crying …..in the flesh I had no idea what was going on… why he was like this….I would find myself judging this man, then my eyes would open to the Spirit world and would see what was taking place. An angel or Jesus spoke to me and said something about how this man prays for help, help to loose the anger, the depression, the bitterness that he held onto and really didn’t know why…. He hated his life, wanted to end it, people in his life was all about to write him off and his last effort was JESUS…..he said he fights every inch of the way….  he won’t allow Jesus / Angels to minister to him, help him, free him of these things. Bottom line he is angry with God and blames God!

This is the core and the heart of ministry!! Preaching is good and needed, worship is good and needed, a thriving body  of Christ is good and needed, teaching is good and needed, it’s nice to have nice buildings, best sound equipment,…. all the things churches strive for. Pastors and leaders who spend countless hours, time and energy, not to mention millions of dollars trying to build “successful” churches, creating all these groups to have all these ministries that keeps a church going….. you know we have bigger and better!! It all is good and has it’s place…. BUT THE CORE of ministry is touching the hearts and spirits of men, women and children with the LOVE of JESUS!!!

Transformation – New Hearts – Freedom – Renewed minds – CHRIST-LIKE people, this is the goal.

Is this dream of any importance to me? I believe it does have importance to me and my life, but not only my life but to the life of EVERY believer on this earth. We have NO idea what people think, feel, need, want…. we have not idea what most people have gone through and where their pain is… we have no idea of the depth of hurt and how it affects their daily living!! And we have NO IDEA of how badly some people want out of this life or pain or hurt. In the church we kind of take the stand of getting them in the doors, teaching them how to “be a Christian” and never go any deeper.

A my stage of life and all that I’ve been through I think I would rather make the difference in one person at a time, a REAL difference helping them find Jesus and the reality of a renewed mind, heart and spirit, then have a successful church that is always on the edge of collapse trying to keep “everyone” happy…. if you have ever been in leadership, church board or a pastor you know exactly what I mean.

I love the Lord and I love people…… I KNOW WHAT the LORD can do in the lives of PEOPLE!!! To me this is a winning combination.

…………or it was just a stupid dream. 🙂


2 thoughts on “I had a dream……..

  1. “we have NO IDEA of how badly some people want out of this life or pain or hurt. In the church we kind of take the stand of getting them in the doors, teaching them how to “be a Christian” and never go any deeper.”

    This is one of the most profound thoughts I’ve ever written! I believe this is one of the biggest flaws in the church today. The very people we entrust our growth to have dropped the ball when this happens. I believe this is the most important thing a pastor does!!!! We have failed the church and God when we walk away from deeper relationships with His chosen ones.

  2. You know this blog has some really incredible insight. I really think you might want to consider meeting with a professional editor/writer. It’s not like you don’t know any… 🙂

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