Why I beleive it’s dangerous to abandon the church: Part 2

Here is where I left off last week, this is the Scripture I challenged people on and no response. I posted it on FB and Twitter and only one person gave an answer.

Mathew 7:22-23 “Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?’ 23“And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; DEPART FROM ME, YOU WHO PRACTICE LAWLESSNESS.’

This is a very important scripture as it shows that there will be people that “think” they are saved, in fact they believe it so strongly that they are blown away when Jesus says “I never knew you….” They can claim that they cast out demons, healed the sick, etc etc….and yet they are ask to depart from His presence. I don’t know about you but for me that is a SCARY scripture…..lol and I know as I write these words many would say “it’s not scary…I’m secure…I love JESUS” In the last days deception will run so deep even the one who thinks they will never deny Jesus …. will never turn away….will.

We know the church now as an organization that has flaws. We have seen corruption, we have seen lies, we have seen theft, we have seen abuse, we have seen deception and much more than we like to even think about. When God shakes the very foundations of the church and things that are NOT of Him fall what will be left will be the “true church” that will supernaturally rise up in power, truth and love. I personally believe it will look NOTHING like it is today. I also personally believe that the day is approaching quickly.

Even with all it’s flaws, all it’s divisions and all the flesh involved, this is the BODY OF CHIST and the body that Jesus died for and is coming back to marry!! We are the bride and the bride is in the process of preparing herself for the wedding…. how does that look? (a very good question….and could be a book lol) As God raises up men and women with a heart for “Christ-Likeness” believers, ones who lead the body into a new place of intimacy with the Father the light will become brighter.

We (the church) has focused on the “legal” side of salvation for years – we have seen it all and mostly it’s man’s attempt to put God’s laws into practice and it usually becomes legalism. The younger generations are searching for a “better way” of church and many are leaving with the thought “I love Jesus, but I don’t need church” – in reality I can’t blame them there are time I feel this way too!

All I believe about this comes from my stance and belief in the role of the church during the tribulation and the return of Jesus! I believe the church is GOING THROUGH the tribulation and will be a POWERFUL force in this world. ONE BODY UNITED in power and LOVE that will and can withstand anything and everything even if it cost our human lives.

When a bride and groom are betrothed they do NOT separate… it is a legal contract that is bound by LOVE…. you spend your days preparing for the wedding — this is exactly what Jesus is doing and this is exactly what the church is to be doing? One of the problems we have in the “church” world is all the different denominations, churches, types of churches etc etc….as long as they are “CHRIST-CENTERED” they are brothers and sisters in the Lord. What we disagree on is man-made not God-made. There will be a day when all these walls will fall down and we will be united together. In the meantime use your gifts in a local body where your gifts can be used to touch your city, state, nation and world. Do not give up on the church (body of Christ) be part of the bride that is preparing for the Groom. OUR SALVATION IS NOT ABOUT US AT ALL!!!

I hope and pray this little blog makes sense…. to do it justice it would need to be laid out piece by piece, page by page to build a foundation and a conclusion. I am not a writer of books. So I tried to do the best I could in a couple pages.

I am VERY PASSIONATE about this issue.


4 thoughts on “Why I beleive it’s dangerous to abandon the church: Part 2

  1. Love, POWER, Unity, Holy Spirit led, supernatural, won’t be about Sunday services….HOLY, one church, persecuted, hated, poor. This will be an act of God….shaking the church at the very foundation….separating the wheat from the chaff. The church will be a powerful organism in the world that is in the midst of dying. When God shows His love for us, I mean the depth of His love for his he will destroy SIN and remove it from our midst. He will marry the bride. We will be the “church” or body of Christ for eternity!! We are NOT going to a place far away called heaven and just “be” for eternity…. there will be a NEW heaven and a NEW earth that we will dwell in — heaven and earth come together…. life will go on as God planned it from the beginning. ONE WITH US!!!!

    very very condensed version 🙂

  2. People (the world) says “how can a God of love destroy people, the world?” I say His love for us is SO SO SO passionate that he will destroy sin and remove it from our midst.


    • I can’t wait for this day! I know it will be a very hard time to live (and likely die), but it will be real soon. I sometimes wonder how many more days will pass before everyone has made the choice……………..

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