Mark – Chapter 1:9-15

Continuing on with the book of Mark – my last post put me in a “stand-still” mode for a couple weeks. I worked hours on that blog only to loose most of it!! Put me in a funk when it came to writing. So now I’m back at it…….I must remember to SAVE SAVE SAVE all drafts. LOL

Mark 1:9-15

One day Jesus came from Nazareth in Galilee, and John baptized him in the Jordan River. 10 As Jesus came up out of the water, he saw the heavens splitting apart and the Holy Spirit descending on him[e] like a dove. 11 And a voice from heaven said, “You are my dearly loved Son, and you bring me great joy.”

12 The Spirit then compelled Jesus to go into the wilderness, 13 where he was tempted by Satan for forty days. He was out among the wild animals, and angels took care of him.

14 Later on, after John was arrested, Jesus went into Galilee, where he preached God’s Good News.[f] 15 “The time promised by God has come at last!” he announced. “The Kingdom of God is near! Repent of your sins and believe the Good News!”

In this writing it doesn’t go into any detail about this or about the forty days in the wilderness……but it is in the story to confirm and agree with the other gospels. He says “one day Jesus came…..” was John surprised by his coming? Did he know him? Did he recognize him? How did John know his purpose in life?

All this really doesn’t matter in the big picture but…..does it have meaning to my life or your life? How does this scripture make sense to our lives?  I believe that every human being has a purpose in this life…..a MAIN purpose that is, with many other side lines that come along in our life. But in the center of all of it God has created us for one thing…..relationship with Him and being a LIGHT in this world. As we go through life things get pretty tangled up and most of us end up so far off course…….but in the end it’s the same for everyone. I’ve held the hand of so many people as they passed on….young, old, children, believers, atheist, haters, addicts, alcoholics, and everything in-between. There is something very simple yet deep, something that takes place in the life of a person when facing death. There is NOTHING more important to them then making peace…….question if there is a God, loving their family even if they have been separated from them through hate, anger etc…..I personally have found it true in each one……they finally see what their life is about and most of the time how it’s been wasted. It is really a beautiful experience for the most part. Sometimes it is very sad.

John the Baptist knew!!! Why? How? Was he special? I believe he was hand picked by the Father – He was special but let’s not forget he had TOTAL FREE WILL to live his life however he wanted to live it….he would have walked away….he could have been whatever or whoever he wanted….HE CHOSE to walk the path he walked! The same is true for you and for me! We have total free will to live, act, be anything or anyone we wish to be…..walk any path in life we want. Your life, your birth, God’s will for you life is JUST AS IMPORTANT AS JOHN’S was!!! Not an ounce of difference…..John with purpose walked out what the Lord has asked him to do….most of us have NO clue what the Lord wants from us……sadly most Christians do not even KNOW JESUS!! They know about Him…..but most do not have REVELATION KNOWLEDGE of Him. You can be an artist, dancer, president, lawyer, salesman, or a street person and still fulfill exactly what God wants from you in your life.

When Jesus was led into the wilderness where he was tempted for 40 days……I love that it says “He was among the wild animals, and angels took care of Him”. We can’t forget that Jesus was FULLY man, he emptied himself and became fully man. He was subject to the elements just like us! I take great comfort knowing that the angels took care of him…..knowing that I’m taken care of when I’m in the wilderness or when I’m on the mountain. But even more encouraging is when I’m in-between them….. walking through life on level ground….that’s the dangerous place! We can’t live on the mountain top…..we can’t live in the wilderness…..but when we are walking through life day to day…….not in trouble, or in a barren place, not on the mountain top in victory…..but just life……that’s the place where we forget about God…..when we don’t really need Him.. (or so we think) — 

And this is where Jesus ministry begins…..”The kingdom of God is near! Repent of your sins and believe the Good News” — carrying on what John has prepared — JESUS IS THE GOOD NEWS!!!!

One last thought on all of this….. You and I should pray for the Spirit of John the Baptist in our lives…. spend our life “preparing the way for a coming King”

Will continue on with verses 16-20 in a few days…..