Part 2 — Pondering some things….

Well I guess the bottom line on all of this is what is it I believe? Let me go back to my dream…..Dr. D is sitting on my bed weeping telling me “no, no this is not how it works….” This next thought is out of my life but I also think it’s part of the make up of the church and one of the MAJOR downfalls of the church…..and it’s such a HUGE thing that it will be shocking to many when the Lord returns.

When I became a Christian it was an amazing experience….I knew that I knew many things had changed with me……..deep inside me……my heart….my Spirit was awoke. I did not know Scriptures at all, the only thing I knew was what people would tell me, point me to in the Word. I was taught about deliverance, the new man, being set free. These are the things that I was told happens to a new believer!! I KNEW that something happened, no doubt about it….so I claimed each one in my life I WAS NOW A BORN AGAIN BELIEVER!!!

I got plugged into church quickly and started my journey. I screamed out that I was SET FREE……..I was DELIVERED to everyone I met and started learning about God. So in my head, I submitted to God, He responded, I was NOW free and a changed man. So when things in my life would pop up, old ways, old habits, old thoughts……..I would bury them saying that is NOT ME any longer………after awhile I would have to hide them from the world, my friends, family, church because it would make God a liar or me a liar. I loved HIM…….I trusted Him… I wanted this life I heard about. There were even times when I thought it just wasn’t for me….I was not chosen to be saved etc… this thought process I would explain it away because of the “doctrine” I was taught to believe in… was the opposite of what I was feeling or thinking.

I have to believe that there are millions more just like me…..the other day in a class I’m taking I read this and thought man oh man this is such truth in the church today and we don’t even realize it…..

You can be certain that God wants us to have right doctrines, but we must never content ourselves with merely the accumulation of correct information. For some, Bible study may seem like nothing more than religious facts, where the Word of God is viewed more as a museum than a power plant.

When we halt our spiritual ascent toward God at the plateau of doctrinal knowledge, we become people who never really change. Instead, our old nature simply pretends to be new. The longer we settle for just head knowledge, the more our Christianity begins to degenerate into a religious spirit.

It takes God to change our stubborn, rebellious natures. And our mighty God does not want us to fake our Christianity. He wants us to be real, where the knowledge of our head becomes the reality of our heart. You see, truth, in God’s view, is more than doctrines. It is reality”

There is NOTHING I can add to this….

So, here is one of the ways I can explain it today. All of my “pastoral” career I spoke negative about AA and NA….I had many friends and people that went through my church attending AA or NA — we held meetings at our church but my thought was this: IF God sets you free, you are FREE!!! AA and NA say that you are always an addict or alcoholic, I said if you are set free you are NO LONGER an addict or alcoholic, that is the “OLD YOU” and there is truth in that statement but ……..

I am a sinner, I cannot be trusted with my life, my thoughts, my marriage, my career, I NEED HIM every minute of every day!! When the “old me” creeps in the Holy Spirit will call me out on it……..I can no longer bury and deny that I am a BROKEN MAN in need of HIM in my life. Any other way of living is denying that I’m broken………and when that happens I / You have to hid things from the world, family, friends, church. We set ourselves up to lie and deceive people. Just as an addict hides when he falls……..I am DONE living that way. I rest in HIM today.

My way of thinking has been wrong! This is why the world see’s Christians like hypocrites – we say one thing and live another……all these dirty little secrets that always come to light sooner or later……….I believe that the world wants to know that there is a REAL God, that REALLY Loves and REALLY makes a difference in a life. My reality will be lived out in the light for the rest of my life………and I will teach this to anyone I get a chance to teach it to. 

Resting in Him  


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