Pondering some things…..

A couple weeks ago I posted on my facebook this message….;

I am coming to some conclusions in my life with the Lord…..I have been wrong about so many things…..wrong idea’s………wrong thoughts…..wrong perceptions…….wrong beliefs…..I am thinking that the little verse that says “come to Jesus as a child” is much huger and much more important than we can even imagine. “I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” ~Luke 18:17  ~ Bottom line most of us make Christianity fit our belief system rather than what it is….this creates hypocrites, hidden things in our lives, deception and manipulation…….
I will probably write a blog on this….keep your eyes open — feeling sorry.

What brought this on was a dream I had……..I’ve been praying and pondering over this dream and can’t seem to get a “full” picture of it again. Man, I sure wish we had a record button in our minds when we have dreams that have MEANING to our lives. I know that most dreams are just crazy, some are scary, some are funny and some make NO sense at all. I ALSO KNOW that God speaks to us in our dreams. I am not one to make more out of a dream than is intended……you know every detail and thing that happens in a dream has to have meaning…..BUT with that said I know that I know when a dream is from the Lord. So I pray and think about it hoping to catch what He wants me to hear. This dream has meaning for ME……….but it’s in pieces and not totally clear. Here is what the dream was….

Diane and I were in a room and I think we were fighting over something…..well maybe more like she saw something in me that she didn’t like, she said “it’s the OLD you……what happened? I thought God changed you….I thought that you were delivered from this…..” I do not remember what it was about though…..maybe it really doesn’t matter. In the next scene my counselor, Dr. D was sitting on the edge of my bed weeping……..I mean weeping very deeply. And through his sobbing he was saying “no, no, no it’s not like this….this is NOT how it works….” and then I woke up. That is about all I can remember. But I woke with a feeling of I’ve had it all wrong all my life. (spiritually speaking)

One of the questions that Diane has always had and I have and I’m sure many others have is this: If God delivered you, changed you 33 years ago……….what happened? How did you do the same thing again……..how could you be so deceitful?

These are good questions that really deserved an answer. The problem is I have not had any answers to them. GOD did do a great work in my life so many years ago…..I was delivered……I was freed up in so many area’s. And yet all this happened again years later. How can this be?

I was brought up “spiritually” in a denomination that is of “Wesleyan” persuasion. I love where I was, I loved the teaching and always thought it to be RIGHT ON!! I believe that the intent of the doctrines are much different than the teaching of the doctrines. I hope that makes sense……I read this the other day…

According to the Scriptures, “God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble” (James 4:6). So, if we are divided in our hearts from other churches, if we instinctively look down on other Christians or if we are at all self-promoting in attitude, we are walking in pride. As such, the Spirit that stands to resist our endeavors is not demonic; it’s God.

The Lord will not excuse our pride just because we sing three hymns on Sunday and consider ourselves “saved.” God resisted Lucifer’s pride in heaven and He will oppose our pride on earth. What is most sad is, religious pride has been so homogenized into our Christian experience that we don’t even perceive it as being wrong. Yet it is without doubt the most offensive blight upon God’s people.

In denominations we become proud……..our way of thinking is the “correct” way of thinking….if you think any other way we are WRONG…….and in danger. It’s not spoken but it is always implied in sermons, teachings, school etc…. I was taught about “Entire Sanctification” —  a GREAT MESSAGE, a GREAT doctrine but sure has been mis-used over the years. Made to believe that God eradicates our sin nature. Once we are SET FREE through the Holy Spirit we are FREE forever.

I sat on a board in our district that I LOVED …. the purpose of this board was to test men and women as they go through school to become full time ministers within our denomination. The “KEY” to passing the test was being able to explain “entire sanctification” to our satisfaction. Memorize what has been written about it, what has been taught about it, what our belief is and you pass. With this said, I must say that my last District Superintendent was wanting to move past this mentality and find the place where it was a reality in the lives of the men and women coming through.

The Lord does not want the lost added to churches where they must assimilate the poison of pride at the same table as salvation.

Part 2 in the next few days….


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