A new study ……

I finished 1Timothy a couple weeks ago and have been so busy since. Diane and I shared our testimony at the church a couple weeks ago, we had a new grandchild and then I preached this last week…..I also started a class put out by Francis Frangipane’s ministry – “In Christ Image Training” – I have been pretty wrapped up in that.

I have spent over a year with no other studies, no commentaries, no notes, no sermons to read, no study notes. Just me, the Word and the Holy Spirit. It’s BEEN fantastic and I’ve learned so much. So I decided to take this class and dig in deeper and I must say I think it was a good choice at a perfect time in my life. The funny thing is Diane and I signed up a few years back and I DO NOT remember a thing about it — I probably didn’t even care to do it….just wanted to keep up my “spiritual” appearance I would imagine. This study is hitting me right where I need — it’s about becoming Christlike, humility, submission, and having a redemptive heart. I am loving it and seeing so much of who I was and what I was created to be!

Any ways, I think it’s time to dig back into the Bible and go through a book – I have been praying and praying about it, where to go, what to study, what to write about and I can only hear my nephews voice, David Corbet, “the book of Mark” so that is where I’m going!!

Looking forward to it!!! It will be slow going as I work many hours, I’m taking another class and we just had a new grandchild…. 🙂




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