We did it….gave our testimony

On Sunday my wife and I stood in front of our church family, our family and gave testimony as to what has taken place in our lives. It is difficult for some to understand why we would do such a thing, and there are many reason one being it’s HEALING for both of us. The biggest reason is to bring glory to God! What has taken place is nothing short of a miracle…in just a little over a year we are doing better than we EVER have in our life together…..26 years!!!

As we spoke it was amazing — not sure how it was received but to watch Diane stand with a SMILE and talk about the pain that she endured for so many months, her journey with the Lord, the choices she made and the support she had from a few friends and family was absolutely amazing!! GOD IS GOOD!!! I do believe that this day has opened the door to many things for us. We can minister to those with the same problems in a way we could have never ministered before as “pastors” in fact we did more harm than good when it came to helping people in marriages and infidelity. Today we are able to have compassion, we KNOW what the feelings are like, the rage, the anger, the brokenness, the humility, on both sides of the fence. Both the one who cheats and the one who has been cheated on.

I did not want to do this for the most part, but I did it for Diane….I did it for our church family. I started out by telling them we have joined the church, we have become part of the family and families DO NOT HAVE SECRETS……well healthy families don’t! Most of this testimony was about Diane and how her love for the Lord opened the door for so many including this man. It changed our family and changed so many hearts…. GOD IS AWESOME….HIS PROMISES ARE ALWAYS YES and AMEN!!! He proves himself over and over again.

Today I am thankful


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