1Timothy 3 — and the list continues

It’s funny as I go to write these some seem so simple and no brainer to me and then the Holy Spirit steps in…….

6. Must be able to teach – hmmmm seems simple enough but….. there were times in my ministry that I taught, but I always said “I hate teaching, I’m a preacher…..” and looking back now I can see how wrong that is……….bottom line it’s an excuse for not knowing the Word in deep enough ways to teach……….being a pastor is so much more than just preaching, we can buy sermons online, well actually you can get all the free ones you want…. when it came to teaching in my life the times I was “IN” the word….. what I mean by that is, reading in depth, studying, eating and allow the Holy Spirit to teach me, guide me etc….. in those times I could teach like no other!! Teach with power and authority because I had deep understanding of the Word, the principles, the power of the Word!! But the other times……. well I would take an outline of what others have learned from the Word and wrote about, take teachings of others that were deep and the “in” the word and just repeat what they said………..and in those times, well it was DEAD for me, dead for the listener etc…. I know there were times that someone in the class or study would be touched but not because I “brought it on” with power of the Word……… it was all Holy Spirit!!! Here is the truth for my past…. I didn’t hate to teach, it sounded good and it worked….. it was a pitiful excuse for not being in the Word and again wanting kudo’s for being something I was not…. I had seasons but….. enough said I think.

So why is this in the bible? Why does Paul pen this? Why is it important that the elder/pastor is able to teach?

An Elder/Pastor is called by God himself to lead people, to pastor them, to teach them, to instruct them, to LOVE them. Men and woman need to be able to know, trust, love the one God brings in their lives to lead them in the ways of the Lord.

When it comes to teaching a person has to trust the one teaching, they MUST know that this person is being led by the living God in ALL area’s of their lives, that God brought them for such a time as this… they can trust what they are being taught. In ministry we recycle so much teaching, so many sermons, etc that some men/women do not even understand what they are teaching!! I think that there are pastors and elders out there that can’t even tell you what they believe, what they base their teachings on….. what the bible actually says about things…….. they believe what they read about the Bible, hear about the Bible!!

I can remember drilling men and women about the “articles of faith” they had to know them, understand them and be able to teach them……. why? BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT WE BASE our FAITH ON!!! It showed through who read the articles of faith and who read the articles of faith through the power of the Holy Spirit…. they knew the “spirit” of these beliefs.

And yet…… well I can understand this concept or principle of “Being able to Teach” in a whole new way today. I LOVE GOD’S Word, the more I read it the more I love it….but what really amazes me is how the words pour into my Spirit now I’m clean and open and “RESTING IN HIM”

This is all I have time for today — will try to post a couple tomorrow………not even half way through yet.



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