1Timothy 2:9-15

I have been praying, chewing and pondering on this section of scripture. I have to say in the past I would probably skip right over it with the thought “it’s for the times they were living in” after all during this writing women held a different place in society. But then I have to ask the question why did God put this in his book? So I have come to this conclusion………today that is.

In this chapter Paul is talking about worship and giving instructions for men and women. There is no doubt that God created man and woman with purpose and he created us different as human beings. Paul saw things, I believe through the power of the Holy Spirit that he warns us about and I can say that I GET WHAT PAUL WAS SAYING now in my own life. This is written out of my perspective from my own experience.

And I want women to be modest in their appearance.[a] They should wear decent and appropriate clothing and not draw attention to themselves by the way they fix their hair or by wearing gold or pearls or expensive clothes. 10 For women who claim to be devoted to God should make themselves attractive by the good things they do.

First of all this is Paul saying “I want….” it’s not saying GOD WANTS or DEMANDS or puts a new rule in place. Paul just finished writing about men lifting hands, praying for others, pleasing God with their lives……. he instructs men to be men that live in honor and integrity, giving GOD their ALL…. then he turns to the women and gives them instruction about the way they dress in worship, their hair, jewelry etc. WHY? because he knew and saw how distracting women can be to a man when they come in looking stellar, sexy, and knowing it. He knows how men are, we can have the best intentions, be in worship, be in prayer and a woman comes in dressing for attention….there is a HUGE difference between a woman who dresses nice and dresses to get attention. I have had women ask me if I noticed what they wore, how I like what they wore etc….if men are honest we will admit that it happens….. and it takes our eyes off of the Lord. Paul says “make yourself attractive by the good things you do”

A couple years ago I wrote on my old blog a blog about “true beauty” and I used my wife as an example…… it was in the middle of my mess and I saw her beauty through her dedication to the Word, good deeds, love…etc. I wish I had a copy of it to post here but that blog site is long gone (maybe she has it) the point is what Paul writes is TRUE and I have experienced it.

The world teaches us it’s OK to look and not touch…….. it’s normal for a man to look in a lustful way as long as they keep it private and locked away………but I have learned this year GOD SEES THE HEART and the secrets of the heart!! It’s a dangerous game.

And again here is a great example of how our thoughts are not God’s thoughts…. men end up making rules and regulations that turn into legalism trying to stay pure…… there are churches where women can’t wear anything but long dresses, hide their hair, no make up, and the list goes on…….. is this the ANSWER? NO NO NO NO NO NO — and again I say NO!!!! The answer is a pure heart that is sanctified by the Holy Spirit – RESTING IN HIM moment by moment day by day. Any other way turns to legalism and ALWAYS goes south. We have seen it in this world through secret sexual sins in the churches, different religions that treat women like they are nothing.

Does God want women to go back to no make up and no jewelry? NO!! We are an ever changing society and world…….he wants us to live HOLY lives for Him… men and women side by side touching the world around them.

Listen to what Paul is saying and take it to heart………I believe he knew exactly what he was saying to the men and the women of the church.

Funny even in writing this little post I get nervous about it…. if you know me YOU KNOW I HATE politically correctness to the fullest and this my friends falls into that realm. Stupid!

In the next couple days I will finish this chapter and move on to chapter 3  — what will it hold? But first I have to tackle women teaching in the church and leading men?


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