1Timothy 2 — worship

In chapter 2 Paul is writing to Timothy giving instructions about worship – he talks about prayer, says for us to pray for EVERYONE and then he mentions kings and leaders. Says it’ pleases God when we do this, it’s God’s desire that EVERYONE knows the truth. There is only ONE who can bring people to God, one who paid the price to reconcile EVERYONE In this world and that is the MAN Christ Jesus!!!

We love this don’t we – well I do, such great churchy things to say. Let me just talk about me in this place. I like most others can talk the talk just fine. But it’s more fun, more exciting to talk negative about kings and leaders. I along with many other seem to make others out to be satan, evil etc……….. bottom line SO WHAT if a man or woman is evil IF we really worship God……I mean REALLY WORSHIP God with our lives and not our mouths we would know God’s heart….HE LOVES THE WORST OF THE WORST. The politician that pours his entire life into passing abortion laws, gay marriage, and well the list goes on and on. We as Christians (me) love to take up our HOLY BANNER and fight with our words and our acquisitions.

Our weapons are not of this world – prayer, worship, intercession – those are our weapons!! And even in this we get so FAR OFF – we use our public prayers to say things we cannot say in public! Again it all comes down to our hearts and our relationship with the Father. IF we have a shallow relationship we will fight in shallow ways, if we have a shallow relationship we will speak in shallow ways. REST IN HIM!! Every day, every moment – we cannot even pray a prayer without Him or it becomes flesh.

Paul is writing some very very tough and deep stuff here…….. I’m afraid most pass it over and make it about “us” rather about HIM. Paul is full of wisdom and is very aware of the reality of men, and how men/women take principles and turn them upside down.

He says “I want all men to pray with holy hands lifted up to God, FREE from anger and controversy” this is such a HUGE statement, command, truth. Men will make this a legalistic thing, or a way to please God – I have lifted my hands before the Lord in worship for years……holy hand? What does that really mean? FREE from anger and controversy….wow I could write an entire sermon series on this one little scripture and probably will – even if it’s ONLY for me to read and live out.

He ends this chapter speaking about women in worship – IF you know me you know how I feel about legalism – rules – etc…..this section of scripture is very important to the body of Christ and I’m still wrapping my head around it…….. this will be part 2 of this blog……..coming soon!!

My life is clean before the Lord – I can honestly say this today and I have learned that it is the ONLY way to live anything LESS than this life is FALSE and heading to DEATH – HE LOVES ME and you beyond your imagination – NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING can every change that, no matter what you do or how bad you fall his love remains………. BUT HE Cannot dwell with darkness – he cannot accept any sin or deception in our lives. He WILL NOT! DO not be fooled by any other teaching – you are either in or you are out – can’t have it both ways and the world and soooooooooo many preachers/teachers are teaching us differently……… here is a thought – READ and EAT your word…. the truth is there for all to know.

The church, body of Christ has a purpose and a responsibility in this world!!!

“He gave his life to purchase freedom for everyone: this is the message God gave to the world at just the right time” 1Tim 2:6b 


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