Thankful –

I was planning on a 3 day weekend, I am off on Sunday’s and Monday’s and then New Years day falls on Tuesday. So, Diane and I planned out our days. Money is very tight so we had to plan how to spend the days. So we decided that Sunday we would go to church (that’s another story to write) then take a quick drive to Jackson to see how far it is and what it was like. Monday we would go into Stockton and go to lunch, Becki gave us a gift card to Chili’s and the movies for Christmas, and then on New years day go to the movies. A very cheap 3 days that will keep us busy and have a little fun.

So, yesterday I was talking to my boss at work about a deal that I’m working on, (I work 24/7 in this new position) and when hanging up I tell her, “I will see you Wednesday” and she says WHAT??? We are open tomorrow on New Years Day!!!  WHOA – I had no idea I just assumed we were closed and planned my life around that…… so she tells me that I’m working on New Years day – I was so bummed!! I thought about it rest of the night, complained about it to Diane, to myself and to God. I was not mentally prepared to work blah blah blah. I woke up this morning, not happy about it at all. I was complaining and whinning and even had thoughts of trying to find a new job…. when all of a sudden………………

I realized how fortunate I am to have a job, not just a job but a great place to work. I realized how fortunate I am at my age to get a job where I can make decent money to live, a place where I can advance, a place where they treat me very good. I just got a promotion at my place of employment, a salary, raised my commission base, gave me Sunday’s off (work from my phone if needed) A job that I really do love, a place to work where intengrity means everything to the owners, a place to work where you are treated like family. We had a Christmas this year ONLY becuase of my work, my bosses gave me 200.00 cash to buy Christmas dinner, then the next day gave me a bag of gifts to give to my kids and wife. They didn’t have to do that but they did because they care!!

We are in a very very bad financial place right now, but with this new position once we are caught up we will be just fine. I am very grateful, thankful and honored to work for Mataga of Stockton. I am thankful to my Father in heaven who is teaching me new things every day and every moment about the life I have.

So, this morning I will go to work with a smile on my face, striving to be the very best at what I do, representing a great company and even on a bigger scale, reprsenting a bigger loving compassionate Father!!!

Me thinks this is a great way to start a new year!!!