What a night…….

Last night Meghan and I went to town to pick up a few things, she wanted to go to the drug store and I needed to go to the grocery store so I parked in the middle and I told her I would meet her when I was done.

I finished my shopping paid for my things and headed over to the drug store. It was dark and the lights in the parking lot are horrible, I was parked on the side of the store. As I headed across to my car I stepped off the curb and the next thing I knew I was falling to the ground, it was cold, wet and very dark. I had no idea what I even tripped on but down I went. IT HURT – I tried to break my fall with my hands and they ended up bloody and cut up, my knee was bleeding and I was laying on the ground. A young man that worked at the store heard me as I went down and came over to help me up. He gathered my bags up and helped me up.

I was shaken, upset and very embarresed!! He showed to the restroom so I could wash my hands and clean up the blood. It really HURT – the palms of my hands are cut and ashphalt in them, my knuckles scrapped open and bleeding and I could feel my knee bleeding. As I washed them off it was so painful, but I think more than anything I felt so stupid and like an old man that had fallen down in the middle of a parking lot.

When I exited the bathroom Meghan was walking in the store and I showed her what had happened and we decided to head home. I was so shaken and upset!!! So we head out and it’s very dark, raining and windy. There is about a 2 mile road on the way home that is very dark and very curvy. With the rain when the cars were coming towards me I could not see a thing!!! About the second curve I slowed way down becuase I was blinded by the oncoming car, I totally missed the curve almost ran another car off the road and ended up driving in the wrong lane. I must hand it to Meghan, I probably scared the crap out of her but she remained calm and just said “dad get in the right lane” as she said that I didn’t even realize I was on the wrong side of the road!!!

We get home and I show Diane and Adam my bloody hands and knee, explained what happened and they laughed – I don’t blame them but man it was not fun – I probably would have laughed too.

I did not sleep well all night thinking about what had happened!! Would it have happened 20 years ago? I don’t know but this is not good for a man’s pride, self esteem, or well I guess just his manhood. I HATE IT!! This morning my hands hurt so bad, but they will heal in time…….. as for my emotions……..

Just another day? IDK


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